10 Practical Tips For Planning A Baby shower

10 Practical Tips For Planning A Baby shower    baby shower tips

Planning a baby shower can seem like a daunting and overwhelming process. Baby shower can be simple or elegant and extravagant affairs. There are several choices and decisions that need to be made ranging from whether the baby shower is a coed baby shower or for an expectant mother.

Ideas for planning your baby shower

1. Themes
When the gender of your baby is known you can use appropriate colors. However, when the gender is still unknown, neutral colors such as green purple and yellow would be appropriate. Besides basing the theme on your taste, you need to ensure that your audience and visitors will enjoy the party as well.
Themes for a baby boy:

Car theme
Cowboy theme
Cartoon characters themes-For a baby boy
Superheroes theme-For a baby boy
Animal theme
Themes for a baby Girl:

Flower theme
Doll theme
Superheroes theme-For a baby girl
Cartoon character theme- For a baby girl


2. Guests
Baby shower guests include friends, co-workers and friends. Although most baby showers are “girls only” events, there is an emerging trend of including men and women. On the other hand, you have to decide whether children will be allowed to attend.

3. Location

The location you choose should suit your purpose. The location should always have sufficient room to accommodate all guests. On the other hand, there should be sufficient heating and air conditioning. If children will be allowed to attend, the environment should be kid-friendly. You need to be sure that you will have everything you need including utensils, refrigeration, serving trays, electrical outlets for heating and storage, sink, microwave, coffeemakers, etc.

4. Date

Most showers are held six to seven weeks before the baby’s due date. On the other hand, many showers are 2 to 4 hours long and are usually held on weekends.

5. Games
Get ideas of baby games that can be played during the baby shower. This will give you a good idea of the number and types of prizes you need and any other special instructions to be sent with the invitations. This enables guests to be well prepared by knowing the items they need to bring along and the information they need to acquire before hand

6. Invitations

Invitations need to be sent with ample notice before the event. Be sure to make the invitations very specific especially regarding any special circumstances such as the location and parking, You also need to include a note of whether kids are allowed to attend.

7. Food
Most baby showers are buffet style and mainly include finger foods for easy access and clean up. Foods need to be tied in with the baby shower theme and matched with the visitors and guests.

8. Favors
Favors mainly include miniature baby items such as diaper pins, bottles, and teddy bears. Flowers, candles, puzzles, and bubbles are also good ideas.

9. Prizes

They are mainly by the games that will be played. They can include crafts, lotions, candles and bath soaps. This cannot be left out when planning a baby shower since it is a great way of showing appreciation to the guests for their attendance and gifts.

10. Thank you cards
Ask the guest to provide their name and address by filling out index cards. This comes in handy when sending “Thank you cards” to your guests.
Advance planning will ensure that your special event does not overwhelm you. On the other hand, planning a baby shower well ensures that the event is enjoyed by all.

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