5 Super Fun Christmas Party Games to Try this Season

5 Super Fun Christmas Party Games to Try this Season

Christmas party games

Christmas party games make the party alive and more fun. But did you notice that we play the same game every year? This season, surprise everyone with the following super-fun games. Some will require preparation, but trust that it will be worth your effort.

1. Human Christmas tree

Divide all participants into groups consisting of three members. One person acts as the bare Christmas tree, and the others decorate. To make this game more fun, put a blindfold on the decorators. Set a timer for five minutes, and signal the start when ready. The team with the most beautiful tree wins.
Instead of a Christmas tree, one member of the group should be dressed up as Santa Claus or a snowman.

2. Ice Sculpting Activity

This activity unleashes participants’ creative streak. Have the participants create beautiful sculptures of whatever you designate. The most beautiful sculpture wins.
An alternative is to ask the participants to transform recycled materials into stunning Christmas decorations.

3. Ornament Game

Attach a string to opposite ends of the room. Make sure it’s pulled tight. Designate a starting point where the ornaments are originally located. Using their lips, two participants race through time to hang the ornaments on the string. Whichever team hangs the most number of ornaments wins.

4. Sock Race

This is similar to a relay, but the difference is that the participants get into a giant sock and hop around a marked point. They get back to the starting line, then tag the next person. Divide participants into groups of three or four members. To make it more fun, an added twist is for participants to wear a Rudolph nose and headdress before they can get into the sock.

5. Gift Wrap Relay

Set up an assembly line of materials needed for gift-wrapping (e.g., scissors, boxes, ribbons). Divide participants into teams. Just like a relay game, participants need to wrap a gift and circle a marked point when done. They have to get back to the starting point, tagging the next person who follows the same procedure. The team that finishes the fastest wins.

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