Best ideas for a family reunion party

Best ideas for a family reunion party

family reunion party

Family reunion special t-shirt (courtesy of DIGIMAGIC, West Palm Beach)

Family reunions are a great way to get together with brothers, sisters as well as parents and loved ones in general. Since it happens once in a very long time, it is important to ensure that the planning is flawless. While this can be a daunting prospect, it does not have to be overwhelming. As a result, you have to get everything right, from the food, to the photographs, to the accommodation; you need to think everything through. Here are some of the best ideas for a family reunion party that you will find handy.


The timing needs to be perfect, and communication is a crucial part of it. You can ask a number of people for ideas and find out what the convenient time for them is. You might find that people have conflicting schedules even during the holidays. They will also tend to have different preferences and since you want to make everyone happy, you have to factor in the interests of everyone. A week or so prior to the party, call each guest and ensure that they confirm their availability or lack thereof.


If you are holding the event at a restaurant, the establishment will cater for the theme you choose. However, if it is a do-it-yourself idea, include many light colors. Since all family reunions must have kids, be sure to factor this in and include toys and castles for their enjoyment. This is important as at some point, the adults will need to converge separately and the children will need a distraction.

Food and drinks

Food is the most important part of any event. It can make or break a party. The choice of food will depend on the type of crowd. If you are using a catering service, you need to give out instructions that factor in everyone. All meals need to be healthy and diet conscious. Again, you have to consider the kids. They will want many cakes, chocolates, and generally sweet things. If you are doing the cooking, then you van exercise a greater level of control over what comes out of the kitchen and can custom everything to the last detail. As for the drinks, have a list of what each of your family members take. It is always a good idea to include many wines and keep the mix compatible as well as classy.

A family reunion party needs the most intricate arrangements. Always keep in mind that the timing should be suitable for everyone, as should be the choices of venue, accommodation and food. Go all out to make sure that everyone leaves pleased.

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