Easy and Practical Bachelor Party Ideas

Easy and Practical Bachelor Party IdeasBachelor party ideas

The news has just reached your ears; your best friend has picked his wedding date. Incidentally, he has chosen you to be his all-important best man. While your main objective is to ensure that the wedding happens without a hitch especially from the grooms end, another important responsibility awaits you. That is planning or throwing a bachelor’s party for him.

In order to ensure that the party happens flawlessly and to the delight of the bridegroom, you must ensure that everything is done correctly and within the expectations of the attendees as well as the owner of the party. The aim of this article is lay bare some useful bachelor party ideas for planners of such parties.

Here are some of the important ideas:

Plan the party well ahead of the wedding: Waiting until the end of the wedding to plan for the party is a recipe for disaster. Chances are that the wedding will have a toll on you and you may become too exhausted to do anything. In addition, the post-wedding hangover may complicate issues and interfere with your ability to plan.

Invite the right people: A bachelor’s party is usually for all dudes in the wedding; however, in special occasions some other men who were not party to the wedding may be invited. These may include members of the family and friends. You need to ensure that the list is manageable

Include activities where possible: “Too much work without play makes Jack a dull boy”, is a common statement that is relevant to those planning Bachelor Parties. Try to include other activities that people can enjoy. You can consider casino games, camping, fishing, sky diving, barhopping, drinking games as well as a variety of other activities suggested by attendees.

Pick the right foods and drinks: A party is not considered one if it does not have food and drinks gracing the occasion. The most common foods in Bachelor Parties are Pizzas and dough. If there are extra funds, then you can provide your guests with a ceremonial steak fete reminiscent of the last supper. Alcoholic drinks must be made available, most importantly beer.

Make funds available: Throwing a bachelor party can be quite an expensive affair. If possible, you should set aside funds in excess of the budget to care for your visitors. For example, you may need to hire for them a limo incase they are too drunk to drink after the party. The money should also be enough to pay for all the auxiliary expenditures you may incur.

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