How to Have a Merry “Green” Christmas Party

How to Have a Merry Green Christmas Party

green Christmas party

It’s that time of the year again. Everyone is on a festive mood, and the party invitations keep piling in. If you’re throwing a party yourself, how about taking “green” seriously and reduce this year’s carbon footprint?
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans produced about 250 millions tons of trash in 2011 alone. It’s a slight improvement compared to the previous year, but there’s still a huge amount of trash out there. This includes the plastic utensils and food wasted during many Christmas parties.
To have a merry, yet environmentally responsible party, these Christmas party tips should do the trick – Have a green Christmas party!
1. Go organic. 
Going organic means staying away from pesticides, chemical substances, and fossil fuels that could harm both humans and the environment. Here are some practical tips for creating a green menu. Go for grass-fed products (e.g., beef, steaks). Opt for local produce instead of ordering your ingredients abroad. You can do this by simply visiting the nearest farmer’s market. Also, don’t forget to plan a dish that caters to your vegetarian friends.
2. Opt for local products. 
Sure, you want to impress your friends with the drinks. But shipping Belgian beers require fossil fuel, which as you know adds to the planet’s carbon levels. Why not plan an all-American party? Order wine from a local brewery, or create your own signature cocktails? Surely, the party will be fun and memorable.
3. Go plastic-free. 
Though plastic can be recycled, studies reveal that they can be harmful to the body. They contain substances called endocrine disruptors, which have the ability to alter our hormonal functions. These compounds are associated with obesity, declining fertility rates, and certain types of cancer.
4. Recycle. 
Unleash your creative streak and have fun turning those unused containers into something beautiful. For instance, you can create hanging Christmas lights from empty wine bottles. Have someone to cut the bottom of the bottles, attach a bulb into each one of them, and fix the wiring. At night, they’ll look magical!

Follow these green Christmas party tips, and for sure, your party will be an event that your friends will remember for a long time.

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