Pool Party Ideas – Which One Suits You The Best?

Pool Party Ideas Р Which One Suits You The Best?  pool party ideas

When summer is around, most people, irrespective of their age, like to spend the hot summers beside the pool. There cannot be a better idea than pool a pool party to celebrate your holidays or special occasions in hot summers. More often than not, a pool party without an exciting theme can be boring. Here are some ideas that can make your pool party atmosphere electrifying and generate the much required adrenaline rush.

Beach-Based Pool Party:

Beach party doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to arrange your party near the beach. In fact, you can just borrow the beach party theme and turn your pool party into a beach-based bash. Start inviting your friends with invitations that represent the beach party theme, such as, invitations with a palm tree with a beach background, starfish shaped invitations, invitations that represent sea shells, etc. Urge the guests to get dressed in beach costumes such as swimwear, shorts, sunglasses, beach hats, etc. Do not forget to make use of sun umbrellas and lawn chairs. You can also have fun playing beach volleyball beside the pool making some occasional splashes to get the ball back. And while your friends are busy having fun do not forget to serve them some BBQ and hot dogs as they burn up their energy in the hot sun beside the “Beach.”

Hawaiian Luau beside Your Pool!!

This is yet another famous theme for pool party. Tropical flower designed invitations and coconut shaped invitations can be used to invite your loved ones. Invitations should also mention the dress code that should be used such as Hawaiian T-shirts and frocks, swimsuits that represent Hawaiian culture, etc. This Hawaiian style of partying will pump in some fresh breeze into the routine partying themes.

Pool Side Red Carpet Party:

This can be a great pool party theme provided if you are ready to put in some extra bucks. You can have a red carpet arranged by the pool and ask your friends to dress up in their favorite celebrity costumes. While some of your friends are busy taking the photos of the much celebrated “celebrities”, you can have a quick humorous and witty interview with them. Sounds fun right? In fact it is!! And do not forge serve your celebrity friends some fancy cocktails and snacks.

Apart from the above mentioned there are other themes such as the movie theme party, where you can play a movie on a big screen beside the pool, multi cultural party where in you can ask your guests to dress up in costumes that represent various cultures, etc. There are a lot of pool party ideas to choose from, but whatever theme you choose make sure you have fun in a responsible way!!

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