Great Game Ideas For Sweet 16 Party Games

Great Game Ideas For Sweet 16 Party Games sweet 16 games

 You do not have to be a wizard to figure out that the “Sweet 16th birthday”, is a turning point for teenagers. At this age, the teen is looking forward to finally being acknowledged and appreciated as an adult. It is no secret that every teenager will want this event to be one of the most memorable events in his/her life. The success of the party will largely depend on planning. Proper planning will include having games at the party. The games should not only be enjoyable, but should also be memorable. Some games that will make the event standout include the following sweet 16 party games:

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt still remains among the most desirable party games. The game can be held both indoors as well as outdoors. The game entails forming groups of about 4 to 5 people. The group members are then required to locate items that had been hidden earlier. The group either gets to keep the gifts, or will be rewarded depending on the number of gifts found. It is always a good idea to list all the hidden items as well as the location in case some items are not found.

Karaoke competition

Teenagers love showing off their singing. And what would better suit this aspect other than holding a karaoke contest. A parent should ensure that the sound equipment and other musical accessories such as DVDs are in place before the event. To add glamor to the event, fancy lighting may also be put in place to portray a disco theme. Having the contestants dress up to match the genre of music will also hype the event. A teen singing a rock song will dress like a rock star, while a person singing a scary song might dress like a wizard.

Dancing competition

Having a dance competition is also a good way to spice up the “Sweet 16 birthday”. The dance competition will mostly apply to girls. The winners of a dance competition will also be rewarded for putting up a good show. To make the event more interactive, parents should ensure that they have a good stock of music DVDs. It is important to involve the teenagers when selecting the stage setup.

Fashion Show

Teenagers especially girls appreciate fashion and style .Many teenagers also dream of being promotional as well as catwalk models. Holding a fashion show is undoubtedly a good way for the teenagers to practice their skills. The event will not only be used to show their latest trendy clothes, but should also be used to showcase their artistic skills. At the end of the catwalk, a group of judges should be at hand to declare a winner. The decision will be based on originality, confidence, best costume, and much more

Although most teenagers do not really appreciate their parents being around at the party, it is important for the parent to make sure that all goes well. This does not necessarily mean hanging around the party, but rather making sure all the activities take place in a comfortable and safe environment. It has become easier to find good games for the “Sweet 16 birthday” thanks to online “wizards” that offer different ideas.


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