Throwing a Survivor Themed party

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Throwing A Survivor Themed Party

The TV series, Survivor, has without a doubt taken the world by a major storm. So it is no surprise that many fun loving people have taken to getting their party theme inspiration from the show. It is a fun way to enjoy life and the fact that the show is always set in exotic islands makes it even better. There is something about island atmospheres that just scream unwind! So, if you are looking to carry out your own survivor party planning seem, here is what you need to do:
The Survivor themed invitations
This is where you let your imagination run wild. The type of invitations you send out sets the mood of the party in advance. Use unusual materials like reed or Tiki torches. Make sure they are personalized and in the island lingo (most people go to the Jamaican or Hawaiian way of speaking). Be sure to lay out the instructions clearly, everybody should bring a fun attitude, wear island clothing, you know shorts, Hawaiian shirts and sandals, allow them only two extra items which does not include their cell phones, they can bring rum and bug spray for example, tell them when the party starts and where it is going to be held.
Be sure to ask if your visitors want to participate in the games or just watch? This is important because we do not want to make anyone uncomfortable. Once they have all sent back their RSVP’s, divide them into two tribes. Never put strong and very competitive people in the same group. Try to even it out and make those who just wanted to watch act like they are the camera crew or judges, just to make sure no one is left out of the fun and games.

Survivor theme location and decoration

you do not need to go all out when it comes to the location, your backyard will do. The decorations, however, are a different story. First decide on what you want the party location to emulate. It is obviously going to be an exotic island somewhere, so you will need the appropriate decoration such as: fake palm trees, layers of sand if you are up to the task, you can use of the house rooms as the tribal council, hang reeds and various tropical artifacts to give it the authentic feel. These decorations can all be bought cheaply at your local supply store, or you could just decide to make them yourself. The most important thing, besides the whole venue set up, is the ‘walk’. This is the introduction to your party and absolutely sets the mood. It lets the guests know what they are in for and thus adjust their mindsets accordingly. On your walk, have a welcome sign that declares what ‘make believe island’ your guests are walking into. At your guest sign in table, have signs announcing to your guests that they are now on the island and no more mainland politics will be tolerated. Serve Exotic Island and beach drinks like Mojitos and pinacolada. Make the atmosphere relaxed and laid back.
Survivor games and menu
The menu is absolutely up to you, but a roast pig instead of a traditional barbeque will go a long way in giving your party an authentic feel. As for the games, only your imagination and time can be the limit here. Some of the games you might want to consider depending on the kind of space you have are:
Immunity challenges
The thing to remember is that these are your friends, so there shall be no people voted out of anything. Teams that win the various games either get points or a pick of their next challenge. You do not want to alienate your party goers. Give them armbands or fun face paints so they can identify teammates and make the games fun yet challenging.
- Limbo contest: This is always a fun game that challenges people’s flexibility and does not encourage any animosity. Get a limbo stick, sit back and laugh at how low most of your friends can’t go.- Rainbow races: Hide object that have the colors of the rainbow in various parts of the yard and house and whichever team finds them all first wins the points.

- Bug eating contest: Be sure to make them gummy bugs. It won’t be rude to feed your friends real bugs and rodents. The team that eats the highest number of creepy crawlies wins.
Like we mentioned earlier, the games are limitless. Remember to tape it all and watch the video later with your friends preferably around a make believe campfire that would probably be your fireplace. Send them each a copy just to say thanks for participating.

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